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Make This Valentine Week A Memorable Week and A Happy Valentine Day

Valentine Day
Valentine Day

Valentine day is the most special day for all love birds. In India, we have a specific day for every occasion same as we have a day for loving birds as valentine day. We Just not celebrate only the valentine day a single day of love even we celebrate a whole week as Valentine week. Do you know the date sheet of Valentine week??… No!! Don’t worry here is the complete list of valentine week.

Valentine Week Date Sheet
Valentine Week Date Sheet

Valentine day is not just about sharing love quotes, sharing gifts with each other but it is more than this, you should feel your partner how much you love him/her. For bringing smiles on your loved one face valentine day is the best day or moment when you can show your love and affection to your partner. Actually, lovebirds don’t need any specific day to show their love to each other but still, this day makes a very good impression on your partner.

Well, every day of valentine week has its own importance and each day gives you a different way to express their unconditional love and affection for their partner. Every couple wants to make his/her partner day special but the question is how? Want to make this valentine a happy Valentine day and a memorable day for your valentine???… Here I’ll Tell you how you can start your day.

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Rose Day

The name defines everything but I’ll guide to how to present your rose to your loved one. You can give a Red rose or a bunch of red roses it totally depends on you. As we all know this day is especially for girls so You can say to your girlfriend “You are looking very beautiful today, you are more beautiful than this rose for me, this rose color is looking fade in front of you.” When you will use this pitch, your girlfriend will express your love more.

Propose Day

Propose day is really a very beautiful day to propose your crush if you didn’t propose till now then don’t miss that chance, believe me, this looks so cute when you show how much you love her and in relationship, it is very necessary to express love to your partner because this strengthen your bonds.

If you are proposing your crush first time it is required to be confident and try to express your true heart feeling about her instead of overreacting. If you are proposing again so it will be very funny for both but you should do this for your partner because she wants to live that moment again when you first proposed her and try to avoid those mistakes which you did the first time and add those things which you missed that time which your girlfriend or wife wanted that.

You can gift her a ring as per your budget even its first time or you are committed.

Chocolate Day

Kids love chocolate, right!!! Now, the question arises in your mind that why I am talking about Kids. Well, every girl is like a kid for her boyfriend and girls also love chocolate. So, give chocolates to your special kid, I mean your girlfriend or wife. You can add chocolates in a bunch of red roses or you can give the box of chocolates to your girlfriend or wife. This will really add sweetness in your whole day and not in a day also in your relationship.

Teddy Day

Actually, Kids love toys or teddies also and no doubt girls also love teddy. Teddies are the cutest gift to be given to your partner because they can be cuddled when we miss someone special. So give her a cute teddy on teddy day.

Promise Day

Promise!!! It is something that can build a strong bond between you and your partner. Promise to make your bond and relationship so strong and strengthen the bond of two persons in every relationship. Give promise to your girlfriend that “You will never let her down”, “You will always lover her”.

Hug Day

Well!! I don’t think that the feeling and the strength that a single hug can give anything can give that feeling. Every girl feels safe and protected in her partner arms, So give a warm and loveable hug and make them feel be protected and celebrate your love.

Kiss Day

A kiss is a warm, simple, and passionate way to express your love to your partner. And of course, it is that feeling that nobody can give except your partner. So give the kiss to your partner and enhance the love around you.

Valentine’s Day

Last but not least, Valentine day. It is the sum of all days that we celebrate. So, it means you have to plan something that includes all the things that you did for the whole valentine week. Make this day a memorable and a happy valentines day this year that he/she can’t forget. And don’t worry I will help you with this. Gifts are the way that can help you for making the day so special.

Plan a surprise date for him/her on some special or closest place for both of you like the place when you met with each other first time, the place where you proposed him/her or any place which is close to both of your heart but make sure avoid the crowded place. Make them feel how much you love him/her and express their love for them. Share your best moments with each other and also make the best moments. Plan a romantic dinner, give priorities to your partner’s choice. Valentine’s day is some of all days in Valentine week.

Well, boys don’t complain and don’t tell their expectation but yes they expect special things from their partner. So make this valentine special for him and keep the love and romance alive in the air and in your relationship by giving valentine gifts.

Valentine Day Gifts for your loved one

Bouquet: One this Valentine gives a beautiful rose bouquet to your loved one. Red the color of love so gives a red rose bouquet to your partner. You can add chocolates in bouquet this will help you in creating a beautiful environment for you and your partner. This will give a cute smile to both of you and this will help in creating love around you.

Chocolate: Chocolate is something that nobody can hate, everyone loves chocolate especially girls. So you can give lots of chocolate to your partner or you can do one thing that makes your valentine a sweet and happy valentines day. Give chocolate to your partner in every hour.

Teddy: Girls like teddy, so give her a cute teddy that she just says Aww…. So cute. Believe me, this moment will enhance love around you.

Couple Ring: You can share a couple ring with each other or a couple pendant with each. You can propose him in your style and share rings or pendants with each other.

Personalized Gifts: This is the amazing gift that you can give to your partner. Prepare a personalized special gift for your special one. You can make a beautiful card and write your feeling in your own words, write some valentine quotas and you can add some best, cute, memorable, lovable pictures on the card. Well, you can make a beautiful collage and add your best moments pictures. You know what this will not only make the valentine day special but this will give a cute smile on the face whenever he/she looks to this personalized gift. The happiness and love that you can express through personalized gifts is the just awesome way to impress your partner and make him/her feel special.

Beautiful Dress: Give her a beautiful dress to your princess on valentines day, make her feel that she is the most beautiful girl in the world for you. You can give a perfect shirt or anything that perfectly suits your husband or boyfriend and make him feel that he is the only one best for you. Tell them how much you feel safe, secure and protected with him or in his arms. Trust me this will really enhance the love around you and between you two.

Set of Perfume: The set of perfume best for him/her, with this gift, add some fragrance in your relationship and add this fragrance in each other’s life not only on valentines day but on each and every day, this will make your relationship stronger.

Pretty Jewelry: Well, everybody knows how much girls love jewelry. So you have the option of jewelry as well. You can give her a pretty jewelry like pairs of earring, special pendants, couple ring, bracelet.

Want to make this Valentine day full of romance?? Well, here are some romantic gifts for your soul mate.

Give a complete pack that can help her relax. A box that contains, hair smoothing spa, hand cream, chocolate and much more.

Give her a sultry piece that she can wear to bed. This will really increase the romance between you.

All these are the best way to impress your partner, we have so many options to impress your partner but must keep in mind anything you plan must give priorities to your partners likes and dislikes and If you want to add anything that can help others in making this valentine a happy valentine day, you can share your experience and with me on comment box.




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