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Everything You Need to Know about Google Latest Updates

Google Latest Updates

Google keeps on rolling out new updates and algorithms every quarter, and the year 2020 is no exception because the search giant rolled out its latest core update last month on 4th May. Google’s previous update was launched in January 2020, which was overshadowed by the costly snippet updates. But the latest core update is easy and straight to the point. It is not the overshadowing feature update, just the SERP demonstration to put all digital marketers and experienced SEO service company on their toes.


Since some parts of the latest core update are clear now, let us understand how the core update looks like in the middle of this pandemic situation. 

May 2020 Core Update – The Biggest Ever Core Update

After the launch of the core update on 4th May 2020, many evident and clear trends were seen in the first few days. Many SEO strategies and niche were impacted after the update, while some of the websites were still steady with little to none impact.

The latest core update is a bit different because it is not another medic update or quasi-medic fix like last September; instead, this core update is quite wide-reaching. According to the recent statistics, thousands of websites were impacted, of which most of the sites are from different industry verticals like entertainment, music, fitness, news, nutrition, history, banking, and many other websites. High turbulence and ranking changes were also observed in Google’s Algorithm.


As per many reputed search data companies, the 4th May Core Update is the colossal update ever launched by Google. However, the update is not yet fully rolled out, and hence more changes are there in the store to surprise the marketers later.

Is Its a COVID-19 Update?

The 4th May Core Update was launched amid pandemic situations and drastically changed consumer consumption habits and search behaviours. Because of this fact, the core update coincides as a COVID-19 update. But it is too fast to confirm as of now. 


Many online surveys were conducted after the update, and many winners and losers were found. As per the report, the news was the biggest winner, while entertainment and arts was the biggest loser of the update. However, it is not yet confirmed because most of the losers are those websites that managed to pull above 1 million monthly visitors. Despite recording huge ranking fluctuation, the majority of news platforms are affected negatively. 


It seems to be quite strange as the consumption of news was increased by 70% during this pandemic situation. But still, it received a negative ranking hit. Some of the news outlets experienced visibility changes despite increased viewership over the months. 


It is still not clear how the latest update impacts the websites, but experts have recognized that the update does have some ranking elements related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you carefully look at the update, you will learn that Google has centred the core update on those websites and businesses that are hit by the ongoing pandemic. According to experts, this core update is quite challenging to evaluate. This core update has ranking elements and may impact websites in the coming months. But assess the impacts now in the middle of the ongoing pandemic is way too fast and not easy, especially when the complete update is still not rolled out.

Is E-A-T a Crucial Factor of May Core Update

EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) Signals are the primary and foremost factor of the May Core Update. It has been observed that EAT optimized websites are the biggest winner of the update, and they tend to come out on top. But according to some experts and top SEO agency in Gurgaon, there is nothing about E-A-T influences in the latest update. This time, the EAT optimized websites are not appearing to be the winner. The recent update is mainly surrounded in scope rather than the previous core update. Moreover, the update is not focused on a specific industry that covers the sensitive topics related to EAT.


Google has again proved with their update that quality content matters along with brand factors, and the update possibly consider the user data like the click-through rates.    

What Should Be Done If Impacted by Updates?

If the website is impacted during the rollout of core updates, you need to check the areas of your website that are hampering its ranking. There is an official guide by Google where you find the answers to some questions that you may ask yourself when the site is impacted. You may also check the EAT Guide to learn more about the core updates. Finally, you may check the Google’s Guidance on developing a high-quality website, which is the best resource for web owners looking for basics.


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