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Disadvantages of GREEN TEA That You Should Be Aware of!!!

Disadvantages of Green Tea

Is Green tea harmful to your health???… How? I mean, How?… Well In my previous blog I had shared some green tea benefits but yes if you consume green tea in excessive quantity then the supplements in green tea affect your health badly in many ways. And I am here to share some Disadvantages of Green Tea.

Some facts about Green Tea

  • As you know, Green tea is like all other types of tea contains caffeine. This is something that we just can’t ignore. Excessive dose of caffeine has been directly linked to shakiness, anxiety, and nervousness. Especially those who are not able to tolerate caffeine suffer further they face the symptoms even with the consumption of little amounts of caffeine. Also, It can affect your ability to absorb iron in the body. Again this is the problem. A deficiency of iron can increase the whole set of serious problems and that you don’t want. Right?? Green tea also reacts with some medications.
  • So many studies conducted in a previous decade one of them provided that the link between cancer and green tea prevention was weak, so is the case with dementia & Alzheimer’s. Another study found a weak link between the consumption of green tea and a reduced level of cholesterol.
  • Green tea intake in excess results from a high dose of caffeine after that which causes upset stomach, insomnia, restlessness, tremors, and etcetera etc. Also, this is very prominent in those who tend to consume green tea in excess all of a sudden. Like, if you are intolerant to caffeine, you are very near to disadvantages green tea. As per famous studies- up to 400 mg of caffeine in a day is safe for adults, which is roughly the amount in 10 cans of Cola or energy drinks or 4 cups of brewed coffee or 10-12 cups of green tea.

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Alright now to the actual issue i.e., the disadvantages Green tea in details. But before we start I want to clear one thing that there are no cases of green tea causing issues or any problem when consumed in moderation and quality matters too. So, if someone faces the disadvantages green tea, it is maybe because they consumed green tea in excess or had a low quality of tea or they are caffeine sensitive.

The Disadvantages of Green Tea

Are there any disadvantage Green tea ??? Is Green tea bad for you??? Well, check out for yourself. Here I mentioned are some surprising green tea health risks.

1.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Stomach Problems

As we are discussing the disadvantages of green tea, Caffeine could be the main cause. Though green tea has a low amount of caffeine than other tea, it is still can cause so many problems, this is due to caffeine increases the quantity of acid involved in digestion system and ultimately this can cause pain.

2.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Deficiency of Iron and Anemia

Studies conducted in previous decades suggested that consumption of too much green tea could lead to the deficiency of iron and anemia. Especially, consumption of green tea after an iron-rich meal can make main compounds in tea and bind to the iron and if this occurs the green tea will lose its potential as antioxidants.

The main compound in green tea is EGCG, is also known to inhibit an enzyme known as myeloperoxidase, which may cause inflammation. But if tea is consumed with an iron-rich meal, EGCG loses its potential to prevent the inflammatory action of myeloperoxidase, that leads to inflammation. It is not about what you eat but it’s about what you eat it with which determines the green tea benefits.

It contains tannins that block absorption of iron from food or from food supplements. Certain studies suggested that adding lemon to green tea or drinking green tea between meals can face this issue. Also, studies add that consumption of tea can reduce the absorption of iron from plant-based sources. For minimizing the effect, one can consume tea at least one hour before or after meals, and also include more foods rich in vitamin C.

3.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Headaches

Disadvantage of Green Tea
Disadvantage of Green Tea

As we are discussing the disadvantages of green tea, Again due to caffeine green tea may cause mild to severe headaches and headaches can also be caused iron deficiency which we already talk about above, this is due to excessive consumption of green tea. Apart from headaches, it also causes dizziness. Also, studies show that the maximum consumable dose of green tea in the human body is 9.9 grams every day, which might be equivalent to 24 cups of beverage per day. The point you must note is when the extract of green tea listed in over 100 over the counter herbal supplements and preparations it is used as a treatment for any ailment is not regulated by FDA.

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4.Disadvantages of Green Tea – It Might Cause Insomnia

From the disadvantages of green tea, one of them is a problem with sleeping. This can be avoided by limiting the consumption of green tea, as the fatal consumption dose of caffeine in it is estimated to be 10-14 grams per day. Drinking green tea too late in a day may also cause the side effect. Obviously, this is due to caffeine which encourages the nervous system and may interfere with sleep. Especially, pregnant women must consume green tea in limit because green tea may pass into breast milk which causes insomnia in nursing infants.

5.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Irregular Heartbeat

As we are discussing the disadvantages of green tea, Again this is due to caffeine in green tea. Caffeine causes your heart rate to speed-up this may cause irregularly fast heartbeat this situation is known as tachycardia. This situation makes you feel like your heart is pounding in the chest. You are more aware of your heartbeat than usual, it is also known as palpitations this situation could result in pain in chest or angina. An abnormal change in your heartbeat could results in a serious problem.

6.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Vomiting

One of the Indian Study suggested that Green tea polyphenols can also cause oxidative stress and excessive consumption of caffeine may trigger vomiting and nausea. The moderate quantity of caffeine is to be 300-400 mg per day if this amount exceeds this can cause side effects.

7.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Diarrhea

Diarrhea can occur if you are started with the consumption of green tea. Loose tools can be one of the gentle side effects due to caffeine. Diarrhea can also happen due to excessive consumption of green tea. The easiest way to stop this is to minimize the consumption of green tea and another way is to ascertain that don’t drink green tea on an empty stomach. Or you can have tea along with the full meal and this is because of having food in the stomach can able to reduce the side effects of caffeine, diarrhea. You may also try drinking green tea later, better to take in the afternoon because it has fewer chances to affect the digestive process in the afternoon. In case of severe diarrhea, it is better to stop green tea consumption and consult with your doctor first. Mild diarrhea might be common but a severe case is not. In addition, green tea may also cause stomach gas. Caffeine has also found to encourage the muscles in the digestive tract. This can cause problems in those who are the sensitive colon.

8.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Muscle pulsation and contractions

As we are discussing the disadvantages of green tea, Excessive intake of caffeine has also been linked to muscle twitching and people with abnormal sinus rhythm must consume caffeine in the limit. Caffeine may also cause restless leg syndrome in the night if an individual with mild to moderate severity for this situation it is better to check caffeine or green tea. A common feature of restless leg syndrome is symptoms occurring when an individual is in inactive. This may happen at night time while you are going to bed or an inflamed pain in the evening, twitching of legs in the night time. In 250 ml of tea contains about 25 mg of caffeine and this caffeine may also cause pulsation.

9.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Dizziness

Previous studies suggested that excessive consumption of caffeine above 1.5 grams per day may lead to some not specific symptoms like dizziness and vertigo.

10.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears)

Beverages that includes caffeine are called aggravate tinnitus and green tea is a source of caffeine that can lead to the condition.

11.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Convulsions

Studies conducted in previous decades suggested that extract of green tea as found to altogether quicken the beginning of shaking in the mice that were tried upon. The tea had constantly expanded the term of the shaking. Additionally, green tea may keep folic acid from working the way it must. This can prompt a condition very like folic corrosive insufficiency. Abundance folic acid has been connected to seizures. Despite the fact that this may appear that green tea, as it were, might help battle seizures – there is no confirmation that it really does.

12.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Bleeding Disorders

Green tea caffeine may increase the risk of bleeding because you must away from it you have any bleeding disorder.

13.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Glaucoma

As all types of tea green tea also contain caffeine but when an individual consumes black and green tea together the risk of caffeine side effects multiplies. Taking tea drastically increases pressure in the eyes. This can occur with 30 minutes from drinking the tea and as for last long as 90 minutes.

14.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Osteoporosis

Caffeine has been found to prevent calcium absorption and it may also raise the rate of calcium discharge in the body this may results in pickle effect on calcium levels in bones temporarily. But with the excessive consumption leads to diseases of bones like osteoporosis.

15.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Skin Allergies

The excessive consumption of green tea cause skin allergies like hives and eczema. An individual may also face a tingling sensation on face, tongue, lips or in the throat. Apart from this one serious reaction to green tea cause is the anaphylactic shock. This happens when throat swells, suddenly blood pressure levels drop, the abdomen start to ache and the individual may experience anxiety and dizziness.

16.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Fertility

Previous studies suggested that consuming green tea too often can lower fertility. Also, embryos and larvae subjected to lower doses of green tea were slower to develop. They also stated that its decline in their ability to produce offspring.  Test group treated with green tea leaf extract showed a reduction in the serum testosterone levels.

17.Disadvantages of Green Tea – Teeth

The major bad effects of consuming green tea, with respect to teeth because it contains tannins and also it is due to its acidic nature. These two factors cause the stain on your teeth.

That’s all about the disadvantages of green tea, but excessive consumption of green tea has certain other disadvantages of green tea that could be potentially harmful to pregnant women or for breastfeeding women.


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