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5 Tooth Friendly Summer Drinks


Summer is the time when retaining one’s energy becomes a challenge thanks to the enhanced temperatures and scorching heat. Naturally, people get thirstier during this phase. The adults and the kids alike experience this.

So it is essential that you keep yourself and the kids hydrated during summer. But while it is quite tempting to grab a bottle of chilled summer drink during this time, see to it that it does not wreak havoc on your oral health.

The sports drinks, soft drinks and the fruit juices consist of very high levels of sugar, and the plaque bacteria feed on that sugar, and the well-fed bacteria produce an acidic waste product.

When the acidic waste sits on the enamel of the teeth undisturbed, it leads to the dissolution of the enamel which results in cavities or holes in the teeth.

The drinks that feel and taste refreshing can also turn out to be acidic like sports drinks and carbonated drinks. The enamel coating will disappear if the teeth get washed away by this type of fruit juice often and this can augment the sensitivity, tooth wear and tear and cavities.

To steer clear of these you should opt for tooth-friendly summer drinks for this summer. Just take a look.

Tooth-Friendly Drinks for this Summer


Though the sodas and iced tea are many lucrative options, it is recommended that you should have water which is a healthier way to quench your thirst and also great for your oral health. The best way to drink water is coupled with a number of ice cubes. But if you want something more delicious, you can add fruits to the water and then sip on it after a few hours. The water that is infused with fruits is excellent for your body as well as your teeth. You can serve it in a glass, and you are high to go.


Though milk is not mainly a summer drink, it has proven to be extremely beneficial for your teeth. You can opt for a nice cold glass of milk if you don’t want to go for a hot drink which is essential for the healthy bones and teeth. Milk happens to be a good calcium source which is great for the healthy teeth and the gums. You can also make smoothies with milk by mixing it with strawberries that contain malic acid and other tooth-whitening enzymes.

Low Sugar Vegetable Juice

Vegetables are the healthiest foods for your overall health, so it does not come as a surprise that veggie-juice is also great for oral health. When making vegetable juice, you should see to it that the fruits are used minimally. This is because grains are enriched with sugar. The dark green veggie-juices are better for the teeth. The spinach and kale juices consist of healthy B vitamins that assist in fighting gum ailment. Calcium is also contained in the leafy greens that boost the health of the enamel. If you want a sweeter vegetable juice, you can opt for small amounts of carrots and apples that are sweeter and also healthy.

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Green Tea

It may seem to be a bit illogical that people ask you to have tea when it is quite hot outside. But tea can cool and calm you down. Beverages that are brewed have more than 5.5 pH level which is not dangerous for the teeth. Green tea has proven to be beneficial for decay prevention and gum health. But iced teas have pH level between 2.5-3.5 and loaded with sugar. So, avoid those.

Vodka and Beer

If you order something at the bar go for clear stuff like vodka. Your teeth won’t get stained then, and some of the bacteria responsible for bad breath also get killed. Research has shown that hops which are quite common in beer can have positive effects on the oral health and contribution towards protection against cavity. But more research is still needed there.

The above are some of the tooth-friendly summer drinks that you should stick to for the days of sweltering heat so that you don’t have to go for frequent cavity and you can consult too regarding such kinds of issues with a best dental clinic in Delhi as you try to cool down by sipping in something delicious.

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